• Cynthia Wolent

Plantation Romanticizing

The grim facts that we overlook at times when selecting a wedding venue. The Knot and Pinterest stands up and finally sheds light on this gruesome topic.

I’ll be blunt, they are graveyards. The ancestors of those who are getting married today were beaten, raped, discarded on those same blades of grass and hung on those same large trees. Why are people having celebrations on them? Why are we using these acres in merriment? The term plantation is used as a marketing tool and we are romanticizing the features, the acres, the manicured landscapes, the tailored gardens and skipping over the evident fact that they are tragic plots of land. Why do they hide the true history? Because not many consumers would openly book a venue for their wedding if they were told flat out, the horrid truth about the decades of torture and mistreatment. It isn’t about closing down the venue though. It is of the simple fact that we need to begin recognizing the history of the lands and not sweeten them. Use the lands as more of an exhibition of its history. Tell the story. Venues will hopefully see this and understand that Millennials care about these things and we do not want to applaud those who try to hide the truth about these venues. We easily dismiss this because there are so many factors involved or we simply don’t know if we should talk about the topic.

Pinterest plans to allow users to report content that abuses their new policy. They also plan to start de-indexing the content that these venue owners are posting. The Knot will also be looking further into the verbiage being used when promoting these venues.

Here in the North East, we thankfully do not have these types of venues. They are most common in the South East part of this nation. We at Cyn Celebrations, will never do an event with Plantation Venues if ever offered. Our moral beliefs would be tarnished if we choose to accept a celebration on these graveyards. After all, you wouldn’t host your wedding day in Auschwitz would you?