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The large white and blush peony and garden rose floral arrangement that is featured within the lush, mixed greenery held in stunning gold ombre glass latour trumpet vases that compliment the luxurious, champagne, crinkle taffeta floor-length linen... (okay now we have your attention)


Let’s bring all those ideas to life! Wow your guests from the moment they walk in to the fade out of the final song; each moment bringing more and more admiration and hunger for the next thing.


Sounds like what you are looking for? I think we’ll get along effortlessly!

So, the celebrations we plan and/or design are some pretty badass events. All over New England you’ve seen our work. Vineyards, forests, ballrooms, estates, rooftop decks… have the event of you've been envisioning anywhere you’d like. From 2014 to the present, we have been producing celebrations so let us take over from here and feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders.

It's going to be incredible! We plan weddings and events full time, but you don't have to.

Let's do this.

"come celebrate your way to the altar"

Bride Laughing while groom is kissing he

Feel the weight lifted from your shoulders on your very first phone call with us. With 6 years of wedding planning and design experience, we understand your needs are unique, but all share a common ground; you want the wedding planning journey to be more of a celebration rather than a burden. Managing events with defining details, is our niche. We execute our clients' visions with control, expertise, and sophistication.

Expert Knowledge


“True love is rare, and it's the only thing that gives life real meaning.” 

No comment needed 😍___basic_ma ._._.__#

We have been fortunate to be a part of some pretty amazing celebrations. Our knowledge of the industry and managing challenging details have made a name for us. We are incredibly blessed to have worked with so many truly exceptional people and businesses. Take a minute to live in the memory that is painted for you in each of the portfolios. We cannot list every special event, however, here are a few of our favorites.



Our clients are fun-loving, down-to-earth individuals who hold big dreams. Private estates, ballrooms, and unique venues are their favorites and they favor quality and beauty. Typically our clientele budgets range from $30,000 to $75,000 with an average guest count of 150. All events are different and we are always happy to work in anyone's budget and style.

Our Clients



We are so excited to get started on your celebration. Here at Cyn Celebrations, a consultation goes perfectly with a cocktail. Bring your fiance' and let's

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